Teak Patio Furniture Can Bring People Back to The Good Old Days

People want to heed back to the good old days. Life then seems pretty peaceful and easy-going. People had the time to sit down in their front porch and wave at their neighbors passing by. They had the luxury to sit out in the open and have a lovely night by the fire pit. Such was the life in the country which we now often see in the old movies.

Fortunately, these days there is a renewed interest in outdoor living. It seems people need to refresh their senses every now and then. Their all too busy lifestyle is taking a toll in them personally and in their relationships with their family.

People nowadays are always having a busy time. And, going out with the family on outdoor locations seems impossible to do. To make up for lost times they had with their family, people now invest in outdoor furniture so they can create an instant getaway which they can use for themselves and share with their family.

In buying outdoor furniture, people are very picky. They don’t just want anything that’s not made of high quality materials. If they want to spend time outdoors right in their home, they want something comfortable, natural and maintenance-free. Thus, their preferred choice is to always go for teak patio furniture.

Teak patio furniture pieces are indeed terrific choices for outdoor furnishing. They can provide ultimate comfort to the homeowners with their luxurious seating as well as table surfaces. Being made of wood, they are certainly a clever choice for natural material. With people living a busy lifestyle, the fuss-free outdoor equipment is totally necessary. These are weather-resistant pieces and don’t require so much upkeep.

Teak patio furniture can bring people of today back to the old days. Despite their hectic schedules, people can now find a quiet time they can spend with their family in their outdoor spaces. They can sit out in front porch on weekend mornings and greet their neighbors with a smile. They can also stay by the patio and chatter the night away with their family and friends.

Make your home warm and beautiful by adding cool teak furniture and other outdoor furniture.

Maintain the Showcase Form of Your Furniture with Patio Chair Covers

People love to decorate the outdoor areas of their home with a wide variety of things. From simple pots of flowers to big-sized outdoor furniture, the design ideas are limitless. However you decorate the outer sections of your home, you will certainly put an emphasis on your patio chairs.

These pieces of outdoor furniture are often your most extravagant splurge. The desire to maintain them in their showcase form will definitely be on top of your list. In order to keep your furniture in their best shape, you should look into buying some patio chair covers.

Indeed, the patio chairs can be a bit pricey. A set of patio deep seating sofas can cost you around a thousand bucks. Depending on the kind of materials you picked out, they can even go higher and cause you to shell out up to several thousand dollars. With the exorbitant price of these furniture pieces, homeowners are often wary about leaving them totally exposed in the open. Despite the claims of manufacturers that they are maintenance-free or that their outdoor chairs are highly-resistant to the weather elements, homeowners will never be at peace with their treasured chairs sitting by the open expanse of their homes. Unless they have roofed patios or porches, their only last resort for protection is the placement of patio chair covers.

Patio chair covers don’t cost that much. In fact, they are highly affordable and can be bought for a couple of bucks. They are literally a small price to pay to give a layer of protection to those beloved outdoor chairs. They can be bought according to the shape of the furniture you have. Whether you have an outdoor lounger or a sofa, there are covers that are manufactured for these pieces. A great thing about these items is that they are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and there’s none of that white drab you often see when covering up indoor furnishings. Using these covers around, you can definitely keep the original showroom form of your patio chairs.

Protect your outdoor furniture with these cool patio furniture covers.

Create a Spectacle in Your Porch or Patio with Outdoor Furniture

If you have plans to improve the look of your home, start implementing it in the outdoor areas. People already expect that your indoor spaces will be grand and beautiful. It is not surprising because lots of people do concentrate in providing glamour in their indoor living rooms and dining areas. But what is often unexpected is to go to a home and be awed by the beauty of their porch or patio areas.

To create a spectacle in your outdoor spaces, you should invest in gorgeous outdoor furniture. To make it easy for you to decorate your porch or patio, you can hire the services of a designer. If this is something you can’t afford then you should do some research and find inspiration from magazines. You can also go online and surf the web for the latest designs in outdoor spaces. From there, you can also get some tips and advice that can help you set up a stylish outdoor space.

A porch filled with beautiful outdoor furniture will make you enjoy coming home to your place. As you walk up the steps towards your front door, you are greeted by an amazing set of rocking chairs, an outdoor sofa or a porch swing. People walking by in the neighborhood will definitely take notice. Those visiting you will find there’s no need to walk inside when the ones outside is already more than beautiful.

Your backyard can serve as grand finale of surprises for the guests you bring into your home. If the front porch has made a welcoming statement then perhaps a great ending can be seen in the back. Furnishing your backyard with outdoor furniture and delineating areas for dining and entertaining gives a lavish feel to your home. People find it relaxing to stay out in the open. The simple idea of improving the look of your home in the outdoors can turn out to be wonderful spectacle that can change your life every minute.

Make your home beautiful by adding cool outdoor furniture and teak furniture.

Patio Furniture Cushions to Fulfill Your Desire

Nowadays, with the advent of low-cost solutions for every desire under the sun, you can indulge anyway you want: including on a thousand varieties of outdoor patio furniture cushions. Gone is the day when the end of a cushion was the end of your outdoor chairs for good. On the Internet and even through some of your local channels such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you will more than likely be able to find exactly what you need to replace your weathered items.

Makers such as Strathwood and Oxford Garden have put out a wide array of possibilities for you when your current outdoor patio furniture cushions go bad, whether it be through mildew (the most common offender) or maybe the dog has simply torn things to bits. Oh those puppies! And you no longer need to buy an entire set or even a whole new wicker chair get-up in order to restore your deck or patio to its prior beauty. You can just buy the cushion, alone.

A long, lazy recliner chair for your patio will eventually need a chaise cushion to replace whatever old thing you’ve got on there now. Or maybe the chair originally came with no cushion whatsoever. In this case the chaise cushion will give great support to your back and will make for more comfortable time spent reading the Sunday paper or your favorite spy thriller while the birds and squirrels chirp on by you. Don’t for get the iced tea! Or, my favorite: an Arnold Palmer!

These outdoor patio furniture cushions can be had in navy blue, natural, “hunter”, paprika, black, and several other colors. So the only question remains: what would go well with your house and the play of nature such as trees and lawn surrounding the setup. The sky is truly the limit.

No one is asking you to give an arm and a leg. You might have to give up say $ 60 for a nice chaise cushion. And you will also want to inspect the degree of weatherproof protection that you are getting with whatever product you choose to buy.

The key here is to browse around a little. Your patio cushions will speak to you when you see them. Various designs litter the field, and in essence you can’t really go wrong with whatever you pick: be it striped or a solid color, or even a floral pattern. Lastly, I’ll just say that the olefin fabric is one worth looking out for; it is sure to outlast your most recent outdoor patio furniture cushions for your home.

Outdoor Wood Furniture Plans ? Pick the Suitable Wood for Your Project

Simple Guidelines on How to Pick the Most Suitable Wood for Your Project

Finding the best choice of wood for your own project is really a significant part for achieving success in woodworking.

So now that you’ve already found some wonderful woodworking plans, you’re all set to carry on that next great homemade project.

In here, one problem may arise. What kind of wood are you going to use? While you are still searching for the answer, here are some advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of wood, for it will definitely help you on deciding in terms of wood variety. This will also assist you on getting started accurately.

Wood for wood processing is generally categorized into two: Softwood and Hardwood


Softwoods are often cheaper and light, and are generally often grown in sustainably managed forests, a fact that they are protected from extinction. This guarantees that you’re not simply protecting our planet, but you’re rest-assured you’ll have lumber intended for your subsequent woodworking project.

Here are the three types of conifers you can make use of.

·  Cedar – Western Red Cedar, the most typical type and usually has a reddish tint.
Cedar produces long lengths of timber with true, straight grain; however the best reason why you have to use it on your next woodworking project is its high resistance to deterioration. So if you’re building something for an outdoor garden, Cedar is the perfect choice.

·  Pine – Pine is the second popular and is also available in various wood types (ponderosa, sugar, yellow and white). It is a great wood for furniture plans because of the natural wood grain and beautiful knots it exemplifies. Pine is fairly good and pine scrub is ideal for the complicated details that basically should be carved out from the woods.

·  Redwood – Redwood is like cedar, highly resistant to deterioration and moisture.
Available at reasonable prices in furniture shops. It is easy to work with and possesses a straight grain. It also features a red tint.


The kind of wood you have to use is depending upon the needs of your woodwork plans. There are some kinds of lumber available within each category.
Hardwoods are usually more expensive, and some are really hard to find.

Listed here are three popular hardwoods utilized in woodworking.

Ash – Ash is generally a light brown wood, it can be color brown or white with a straight grain.

 Its fairly easy to use than any other hardwoods, but it can really be very hard to find.

 Oak – One of the most well-known and finest kinds of woods used in furniture, it is extremely sturdy and heavy wood which you usually find in most home improvement shops.

 Oak comes in white and red, it’s all up to you what color you should choose, whether it’s in the plan or it’s your personal choice. (White oak is moisture resistant, so it is your best option for your outdoor fixtures).

 Mahogany – Another popular wood used in making furniture is mahogany.

 It can be reddish (sometimes dark) wood with straight grain. It’s not as durable as oak; nevertheless it is simple to work with and takes stain and oil perfectly. Unfortunately, mahogany can’t keep on existing on our wild forest, meaning to say, it is actually getting extinct. This just not only affects our environment, but surely, it can also bring a huge effect on your pocket.

Mentioned above are the different characteristics of wood which somehow help you to make the most out of your beginner woodworking ideas and arriving with a successful woodwork project.

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Contemporary Patio Furniture – The Perfect Recession Proof “Staycation”

You lay in a hammock, the sun beating down on your body and relaxing every muscle from head to toe. The smell of exotic foods on the barbecue grill in a distance hits and awakens your senses as the sound of your children enjoying the great outdoors puts true joy into your heart. You may think I’m describing the perfect vacation, but in fact, the picturesque scene just painted in your perfect “staycation”. By adding contemporary patio furniture to your home, you can create a wonderful haven for you and your family that you can escape to all year round, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.

What is the most treasured part of our past vacations? Could it be the long lines at the airport? Or is it the sound of your kids’ voices constantly delivering the words we know so well. “Are we there yet?” Perhaps instead, it is stepping out of a hotel room into the summer sun onto a poolside patio filled with the most beautiful contemporary patio furniture and being able to lounge with family outdoors in an attractive, yet comfortable setting. With the current state of the economy many are starting to realize that creating the right vacation environment at home can be far more affordable, convenient and enjoyable than an actual vacation. By decorating a patio or backyard with the right contemporary patio furniture, the perfect getaway can be closer than ever imagined.

The best vacation spots create their breathtaking outdoor decor with stylish contemporary patio furniture, but can you afford to do the same? Let’s crunch some numbers to examine this question. I’d like to welcome you to join me in examining the basic costs as I take a family of four from New York to Florida on a five day vacation.

Airfare: 4 people at $ 250 per person for a sum of $ 1,000
Hotel Room for Four: 5 nights at $ 175 per night for a sum of $ 875
Rental Car: 5 days at $ 25 per day for a sum of $ 125

Without factoring in food, gas, additional entertainment and all unforeseen costs, I’ve already spent a grand total of $ 2,000 and my family will have to leave the lovely setting behind us forever. Ouch! Now let’s take a look at what we could do at home by jazzing up our space with contemporary patio furniture and some cool knick-knacks.

Four Piece Contemporary Patio Furniture Set: $ 500
Hammock: $ 100
Charcoal Grill: $ 250
Above Ground Swimming Pool: $ 500

We’ve just spent $ 1,350 to turn our home into the ultimate “staycation” where you and your family can visit time and time again. If you really wanted to spend $ 2,000 on your family vacation this summer and buying contemporary patio furniture foiled your plan, perhaps you should consider splurging on dining out, going out to a pro sports game and visiting the ballet or Broadway plays. Enjoy what your city or town has to offer. Enjoy your “staycation”!

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Beef up your Patio Furniture with a Barbeque

One of the most popular accessories to patio furniture is an outdoor barbecue. There are many forms of barbecues in different countries and choosing a style that matches your decor, tastes, and cooking habits is perhaps the best way to go about purchasing one.  Barbeques are usually such an important part of the garden that they can be considered an important furniture piece on their own standing.

The hibachi-style barbecue is native to Japan. In Japan, it used to form the centerpiece of the household, providing heat and helping cook meals. Meat kebabs cooked on wooden skewers is one of the more popular foods prepared on a hibachi. For those that would like hibachi-style functionality, the hibachi is traditionally a small rectangular box with high walls filled with charcoal. Using the grill portion of a modern gas or charcoal barbecue can substitute for having a traditional hibachi.

Another type of barbecue that is popular in other parts of the world is the brick wood-fired oven. Made of brick and mortar and resembling an igloo, meat is placed on a grill either above or within the oven, while other foods like bread and pizza can cook in minutes inside. Wood-fired ovens are all over the landscape in Argentina and Uruguay. They originate in Italy and Mediterranean Europe.

A third popular option for patio furniture is the modern American gas barbecue. Normally rectangular in shape, it frequently features at least two grills for meats and often includes a warming rack. Normally powered by propane, it usually provides one of the cleanest cooking experiences one could have. Many people that do not want a mobile solution tend to opt for adding a full gas grill to an outdoor island on their patio.

Finally, for those who have limited space or budget, the kettle barbecue is an option that comes in a compact circular size and can be stored away when it is not being used. Featuring one grill over a smaller charcoal bed, it can nonetheless provide a great deal of cooking heat. A separate accessory type of barbecue is known as a rotisserie grill. In many countries and states like Hawaii, the rotisserie stick is suspended over an open flame and the meat is slowly turned until done.

In other places, such as Mexico, the rotisserie rod is upright and is stacked with meat, which is then heated by a flame or heat source from the side. For those who like to dress pork or beef prior to heating it, it makes a nice addition to one’s patio. An alternative to the centralized rotisserie stick is the steel skewer. Normally kept inside as a tool or utensil and then brought out on the patio for cooking outdoors, skewers can be placed directly on the grill. Some barbecues feature the capability of integrating custom skewers so that a rotisserie type of effect is achieved.

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Teak Patio Furniture – The Family Friendly Option

After doing your homework, and feeling like a knowledgeable consumer, you have decided your patio is missing the ultimate in luxury: teak patio furniture. You’ve looked at every option, considered every idea, and decided to pursue the optimal choice for bringing comfort to your family for years to come.

Now that you have made your decision, second guessing and doubt are the first things to come to mind. While the teak patio set may look nice sitting in the store display, how do you know it will be a good fit for your outdoor patio lifestyle? Will this set look okay with everything else you have on your patio? Is this going to be a worthwhile investment that will compliment your life? With so many questions, are you completely prepared to bring this set home?

With so much to consider, buying a teak patio set can feel more like bringing a child into your life, instead of adding luxurious deck furnishings that will bring joy to your family for years to come. When you consider that your teak patio furniture can have a life span of 30 years or more, the choice can get even more stressful. As you weigh how purchasing patio furnishings will affect your life, you may find yourself getting a lot more serious about bringing it all home.

If you are worried about how teak patio furniture will stand up to your kids, fear not: many teak patio sets are family-friendly. Teak wood is naturally built to stand up against everything you and your family can throw at it. Everything from spilled drinks to crayon marks are no problem for these deck furnishings; because of how the wood is composed and made, teak will stand up to spills and stains for years. And clean-up is merely an afterthought: using a warm, moist rag and a mild cleaner (such as dishwashing detergent), any mess can be taken care of with ease.

As one of the hardest and most durable woods on the market, teak patio sets will also stand up to everything your pets can throw at it as well. Because of its smooth finish and natural construction, your pets won’t be able to sink their claws, teeth, or much else into your chairs. In fact, they will find that it is hard, at best, to even stretch against these chairs. And because of the natural oils that are buried within, your pets will be deterred from wanting to get near it and leave their natural mark on the woods.

If you are worried about making your kids messing around and eventually breaking down, you can rest assured that teak patio sets are one of the most durable materials available. Because teak is one of the naturally harder woods on the market (without reinforcement or reconstruction), it will naturally resist splintering and breaking over time. While other woods will break down fighting the seasons and time (not to mention the constant attention of your kids), teak will withstand everything you can throw at it and more. With a possible lifespan of over 30 years (with proper care over time), this patio furniture will bring your family overwhelming joy as time marches on. And as the elements and your children wear down your furniture, it won’t splinter and resist breaking. Instead of growing brittle and rough, it will rather harden to a dull gray, smoothing out as the sun beats down on your furnishings.

While it can seem intimidating and even scary, knowing everything you can about buying a teak patio set will bring you joy for years to come. Knowing why it makes a good fit will help you make the best investment for your lifestyle, giving your patio a storybook ending.

Joe Cortez is a freelance writer with diverse interests including home and garden, outdoor furniture and backyard living, and quality control of teak furniture As a media professional, his work has been featured on CNN, The CBS Evening News, and provided work for ABC News as well. He currently writes for In Style Patio

Teak Patio Furniture As An Heirloom Piece

It is a wonderful idea to think about passing something that you currently utilize right now for the future use of the next generation of your family. For someone, like you, who loves the outdoors so much, it would be appropriate to pass on to your children and grandchildren beautiful pieces of patio furniture. You can choose teak patio furniture, for instance, to serve as your heirloom piece.

When we think of heirloom pieces, we often conjure up valuable and highly durable possessions. Teak patio furniture is an extremely valuable possession. In the economic sense, they are high-priced outdoor furniture pieces. A teak patio dining set, for example, can cost homeowners several thousand dollars. Even a seemingly simple-looking rocking chair can have a price tag of half-a-thousand bucks. Of course, the expensive cost of the item is often far outweighed by its sentimental value. When you spend quality time with your children and grandchildren in your teak outdoor furniture, it becomes a cherished possession that your kids and their kids will find hard to let go.

In order for an item to be considered a great heirloom piece, it should also exhibit superb durability. How else can you pass it on to the next generation if it is found unusable in the next few years? With teak patio furniture, however, you can rest assured this investment of yours will survive for many, many long years that even your grandkids and their subsequent children will have the chance to sit upon and use the table surfaces of your treasured teak dining set.

This is how strong and resilient teak lumber is. Its inherent qualities which include its rich oil content, tight wood grains and unique color transformations are simply amazing. So choose the right pieces of teak furniture now. Use it with your family so you can wrap your heirloom piece with wonderful memories.


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Now is the Time to Buy Solid Wood Furniture

The bottom has really fallen out of the market for antiques and traditional solid wood furniture, which is why it’s a perfect time to purchase!

As we progress into the 21st century, people are switching over to metal/glass décor, featuring quirky designed wall pieces and leather upholstered seating. Congruently, as technology progresses, TVs have become no thicker than a painting on the wall; and they can be hung in a similar fashion!

Twenty or so years ago, people couldn’t get enough of traditional solid wood furniture. The sale of antiques peaked somewhere around 1980, with many middle-class buyers determined to furnish their homes with in a similar fashion to that of their grandparents. The look was classified as dark and gloomy. With walls made of purely dark wood paneling and 20th century style lighting, people were filling their homes with dark wood – Things became much different in the 90’s however, as more and more people began going for a lighter “pine and bleech” type look.

Once the 21st century spilled over, the demand for ANY type of antique furnishing began to quickly decline. The antique furniture indexdemonstrated a 30-fold increase between 1968 and 2003 (100 – 3,492), until it dropped back to 2,736. This can directly be attributed to the type of economic depression we’re experiencing momentarily, despite the sudden switch in style and desire.

This is particularly true for people with smaller homes. Large solid wood furniture simply takes up too much space; one of the major objectives for any modern-day homebuyer is to increase the amount of space available. This is evident with flat screen TV’s and laptops, as they become sleeker and smaller. Similarly, we’re beginning to see a rise in household inhabitants. As more homeowners seek out roommates for income security, rooms that could be normally used as offices are now being filled with beds and dressers. Solid wood office furniture is an enormous part of the traditional solid wood market.

Ultimately, antiques are at an all-time low because of the economy; no longer are they as easily afforded as desired. These items (cherry wood furniture, solid wood storage, etc..) are now on the backburner to items like refrigerators, furnaces, stoves – Necessities that also place a large dent in the average consumer’s wallet. Despite, it’s encouraged to purchase such décor as previously mentioned. Prices are low, but the intrinsic beauty that comes with purchasing such antiques is priceless nevertheless.

Mandy has been writing stories and articles from a very young age on any flat surface she could find.  Check out a great selection on antique rococo furniture.