A Few Tips On Buying Furniture

Most people will spend between ten and twenty percent of the price of their home on furnishings. While your home is likely to be the most expensive purchase you will make, your furniture represents a sizable investment as well. Once you have bought an item, its value drops even faster than that of a new car. It is therefore important to choose wisely, selecting not only items of an acceptable quality but also those that will fit with your lifestyle.

When shopping for a kitchen table, consider the type of use it will receive. Tile tops can be attractive, but may be difficult for your children to use for homework or coloring. Tile can also crack, so if you tend to toss your heavy key ring or bag on the table as you walk by you might want to consider a different surface. Formica tops are quite durable, and the smooth surface works well for crafts, board games, and jigsaw puzzles.

Take care of your wood furniture to keep it from drying or cracking. Do not allow heating vents to blow directly on the pieces. If it is impossible to place them away from the vents, consider adding a deflector to channel the airflow in a different direction. Learn which oils or products work best for the type of wood you have purchased and use them faithfully.

Do not feel that you must purchase a complete set for the living room. Overcrowding can make a room feel smaller and darker. It can also contribute to stubbed toes and tripping accidents. If there is only enough space for a sofa, pass on the matching loveseat and recliner. You might also consider using two recliners or a loveseat instead of a sofa if the room is exceptionally small.

Retailers like to sell bedroom furniture as sets. In addition to the headboard, the set may include a dresser, chest, and nightstand. Matching pieces, such as wardrobes and floor mirrors may be on display as well. Ignore temptation and purchase what you need and can fit in the room. If the room is small, avoid massive, towering styles. If space is at a premium, consider a chest instead of a dresser or two nightstands instead of a chest.

Think about the care that is going to be involved with your purchase. For example, a black suede sofa is going to need a lot of attention from those who happen to own a white cat. Intricately carved wood is often difficult to dust. A sofa with many throw pillows can be problematic if you have small children who tend to scatter them. You want to enjoy your home and its furnishings, so avoid purchases that are going to make your life miserable.

There are numerous options for furnishing a child’s room. Loft beds leave floor space underneath open for play or storage. Twin or bunk beds give extra sleeping space for a guest. Daybeds double as seating space until bedtime. Bookshelves, toy boxes, and carts in primary colors brighten the room while providing storage.

When furnishing a home office, pay special attention to the features that matter most to you. For example, look at how difficult it will be to access your computer when shopping for a desk. Try chairs to make sure they are a comfortable fit for you. Consider corner bookcases if you have limited room but really need the shelving. If you spend a lot of time writing letters by hand, consider a desk with a built-in pad or blotter. You will be more productive if your office is as functional as it is attractive.

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