Contemporary Patio Furniture – The Perfect Recession Proof “Staycation”

You lay in a hammock, the sun beating down on your body and relaxing every muscle from head to toe. The smell of exotic foods on the barbecue grill in a distance hits and awakens your senses as the sound of your children enjoying the great outdoors puts true joy into your heart. You may think I’m describing the perfect vacation, but in fact, the picturesque scene just painted in your perfect “staycation”. By adding contemporary patio furniture to your home, you can create a wonderful haven for you and your family that you can escape to all year round, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.

What is the most treasured part of our past vacations? Could it be the long lines at the airport? Or is it the sound of your kids’ voices constantly delivering the words we know so well. “Are we there yet?” Perhaps instead, it is stepping out of a hotel room into the summer sun onto a poolside patio filled with the most beautiful contemporary patio furniture and being able to lounge with family outdoors in an attractive, yet comfortable setting. With the current state of the economy many are starting to realize that creating the right vacation environment at home can be far more affordable, convenient and enjoyable than an actual vacation. By decorating a patio or backyard with the right contemporary patio furniture, the perfect getaway can be closer than ever imagined.

The best vacation spots create their breathtaking outdoor decor with stylish contemporary patio furniture, but can you afford to do the same? Let’s crunch some numbers to examine this question. I’d like to welcome you to join me in examining the basic costs as I take a family of four from New York to Florida on a five day vacation.

Airfare: 4 people at $ 250 per person for a sum of $ 1,000
Hotel Room for Four: 5 nights at $ 175 per night for a sum of $ 875
Rental Car: 5 days at $ 25 per day for a sum of $ 125

Without factoring in food, gas, additional entertainment and all unforeseen costs, I’ve already spent a grand total of $ 2,000 and my family will have to leave the lovely setting behind us forever. Ouch! Now let’s take a look at what we could do at home by jazzing up our space with contemporary patio furniture and some cool knick-knacks.

Four Piece Contemporary Patio Furniture Set: $ 500
Hammock: $ 100
Charcoal Grill: $ 250
Above Ground Swimming Pool: $ 500

We’ve just spent $ 1,350 to turn our home into the ultimate “staycation” where you and your family can visit time and time again. If you really wanted to spend $ 2,000 on your family vacation this summer and buying contemporary patio furniture foiled your plan, perhaps you should consider splurging on dining out, going out to a pro sports game and visiting the ballet or Broadway plays. Enjoy what your city or town has to offer. Enjoy your “staycation”!

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