Feng Shui and Furniture Placement

Feng shui, when translated directly into English means “wind-water.” While those with little Eastern cultural understanding, and a struggle with symbolism, may find this nonsense, when you consider that feng shui is a combination of psychology, geography and astronomy, it becomes easier to understand. By utilizing the best parts of the heavens and earth, simple aesthetics can lead you down a smoother, happier road. But how does all this relate to business?

A good place to start in feng shui is where you place your desk. Facing a doorway head on, you have no more advantage over a visitor than they do over you. There is no chance to prepare. No time to think about an approach to earning their business or preparing for a potential confrontation.

A more optimal placement of a desk is facing a door but not directly in front of it. This gives you time to react instead of being taken by surprise. People take this subtle placement for granted but it prepares you to handle a day. Whether a potential client or an angry customer is coming through your door, sometimes a few seconds is all you need to adequately prepare yourself psychologically for earning new business or diffusing a volatile situation.

Any time you set up a room at your house or a workstation at your place of employment, you are creating feng shui. In other words, you are setting the environment for how it can best facilitate your needs and happiness. So if it works for where you place your desk, why wouldn’t it also work for the things that are on your desk? Placing your pens and notebooks where you can best get to them helps you better handle matters of business on the go. Giving your computer mouse room to move and your CPU a wide area of freedom clear of your legs as you swing them under the desk also helps with mental preparation. Using the principles of desk placement, you can easily make smaller feng shui decisions, which lead to better comfort and ability to do your work.

But what about employee relations? Working well and getting along with others is a very important part of any job, and combining urges toward feng shui and thoughtful desk placement can help here, too. Placing the desks of beginner employees next to those with more experience allows “newbies” to more easily get answers to their questions and speed through on the job training for a greater understanding of their roles with the company and an easier transition into performing those roles to the best of their abilities.

Office desk placement may not seem like an important matter until you start considering the ways that environment can work for the good of all employees. Pay closer attention, and it will be better feng shui for everyone.

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