Fine Home Office Furniture Buying

With so many companies trying to sell their cheaply constructed office furniture as fine home office furniture, it can be hard to tell the difference between the good quality and the poor quality. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Look at the wood the furniture is made out of. Open a drawer or look at the bottom of the desk. If you can see the grain of the wood, you know it is a hardwood. However, if all you see looks like wood dust or bits of wood, you are not looking at a solid wood but rather a plywood or particle board. These woods will eventually fall apart unlike solid wood. Now, some solid wood pieces do have veneers on the surfaces to protect them, but they will still be solid wood when you look at the underside.

Take a close look at the seams between the pieces of wood it is constructed from. There should be absolutely no gapping between them. Likewise, any joints such as in a table or chair legs should be virtually seamless, too. Any screws that are used should not be visible. In fact, many times, dowels are used in fine furniture so that no metal can protrude accidentally from the legs and mar a wood floor.

When buying an upholstered piece of furniture, such as a sofa or chair, make sure that the frame is made of solid hardwood. Even softwood will be damaged over time. Ask if the frame is hardened which means that it is not liable to warp due to changes in humidity.
When it comes to the actual upholstery, verify that it is heavy upholstery made of good materials and sewn together properly. If the seams aren’t straight they are more likely to pop apart. If you are looking at leather furniture, it needs to be a solid piece with good seaming.

Remember when it comes to fine home office furniture, you can usually tell by the weight at first. If it is heavy, it is likely to be made of good, solid materials rather than the lightweight composites and laminates that are so popular.

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