Great Tips on How to Refinish Wood Floors

Many homes are being constructed with hardwood floors. These are simple to maintain when compared to carpet and give your house a rural appearance. Because real wood floors are usually high-priced many select engineered hardwood flooring because it is cheaper – but it still gives us the appearance of the real thing.

Over time any type of wood floors can become scratched or stained that is caused by age or other elements. When this takes place the easiest thing you are able to do is to refinish them. By doing this you are able to give them back the normal color they have lost and maintain them looking brand new and maybe even better then before.

You first must take away everything from the floor. Any furniture or anything that is nailed down into it needs to be removed. After this you should sweep it so there is not a speck of dust anywhere. Seek to place plastic sheets in front of the doors to keep the dust from going into other parts of the house.

You have to sand the floors before you do anything else. This can be very dusty so make a point to put on your dust mask and safety glasses. You can rent a sander from a home depot shop. Make sure to ask them what you need to do so that you do not make any mistakes.

When you have finished this long procedure it is time to stain the floors. Get a color that you like and that will serve to accentuate the appearance of your home. Make sure to open all the windows because these can be very strong and they are also quite flammable.

Use the foam applicator to stain the boundaries of the floor. Put on an even coat over the entire floor and try not to add too much in one particular part. It will need to dry for twenty four hours. After this first coat you have to sand the floor before you place on the second coat.

After this coat you have to let it dry again. Once that is done you can stand back and look at your newly refinished hardwood floors. If done properly they must have a shine to them and look better then ever.

Engineered Flooring is a great way to save money when you don’t want to spend large amounts on the real thing. Over time you can Refinish Wood Floors to give them a better look.

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