How to Clean Teak Wood

Teak is one of the most weather resistant woods around. It’s used in outdoor furniture as well as for boating. Since it’s so resistant to water, cleaning teak wood is a snap. Here are a few tips on how to clean teak wood.

The simplest way to clean teak wood is just to hose it off. The wood naturally repels water. Heck if an outdoor chaise lounge can stand up to a rain storm the garden hose isn’t going to hurt it.

If your teak furniture is a little bit dirtier then you’ll need to break out some heavier duty options. If you have a power sprayer now’s a good chance to use it. Be careful though which spray head you use. A pinpoint spray pattern can damage the wood. Instead use a wide fan pattern set on a lower pressure setting. If the pressure washer doesn’t have a low setting then simply stand a few feet further away from the work.

Make sure you wear goggles when spray to avoid any backsplash hitting you in the eyes.

If the sprayer isn’t doing the job then you’ll need to use a cleaning solution.

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove any cushions from the furniture. You don’t want a bleach solution damaging a cloth fabric. If however you have a plastic weave, feel free to leave the cushions in place. They won’t be damaged by most cleaning agents.

Use a soapy solution with a mildew remover to knock off any mold. Start at the top of the furniture and work your way down to the legs.

Once everything is nice and clean just hose it off and let it dry.

If none of the above options work then you might need to get abrasive. If you have deep set stains you’ll need to sand them out.

Use a coarse grit sandpaper around the splotch. Remember to always sand with the grain to avoid scratching.

Move up to a fine grit sand paper for a final quick touch up.

Now wipe down the areas you sanded with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Use some teak oil to stain the spots you just worked on. It will appear a little bit darker than the wood around it, this is normal.

If you can stand the sight of a couple darker areas for a few weeks it will eventually fade into the regular stain.

If the thought of a dark spot stresses you out now might be the time to go ahead and do the yearly maintenance on the furniture. Go ahead and wipe everything down with teak oil and let it dry.

Hopefully these few tips on how to clean teak wood have been helpful. Teak is such an easy wood to clean, you don’t have to worry about warping and splitting like you would with a softer wood. There’s a reason they use teak in nautical applications. So don’t be afraid to break out the garden hose and start soaking.

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