Man’s Living Room: Furniture Tips

Give some oomph to your man’s living room in many ways. There is the paint color, the furniture type, the lights and other fixtures that is necessary for the man. If you would like to embark on restoring the living room of your man, make sure that you tell him first. Since he owns the place, it is but decent to inform him of your plans. Once he has given you his consent, proceed to your restoration.

Nevertheless, re-designing, restoring, refurbishing a man’s living room or whatever word you may want to call it is not an easy job. It can lead you to nowhere especially if you are not equipped with the skill and the talent. The best thing to do when he has given you his permission is to make a list of what you need to do.

Start with the walls

Use neutral tones for the base color and harmonize it with other hues of his living room. Select an accent color like dark green or dark red and polish it with gold or metallic silver to get a sophisticated look. This will now be his accent wall. If your man is quite conventional, use neutral shades on the bigger walls and a complementary shade on the smaller walls.

Living Room Furniture

Sofas must be sturdy and speaks of his masculinity yet is not overpowering. Choose masculine designs and materials. Regarded as traditional but refined and classy is leather. Make sure that furniture and the walls will complement each other.

Match the sofas with throw pillows of animated colors but not too loud. Make use of natural wooden blinds instead of curtains. This will highlight the other adornments yet will not remove the attention from the room.

This should show off his other side with wall adornments. What are his passions? Men love cars, sports, sailboats, or any era advertisement such as a wall ad for a brand of beer, sports gear or equipment or a particular brand of car.

You can similarly get some arresting wall shelves. Put on show his collection of stuff like miniature liquor bottles and glasses or goblets, hard-bound books, valuable sports annals, tokens or period clocks.

Present the cultured side of him by displaying some splendid paintings. It does not have to be the paintings of well-known painters. If you have an artist friend, you can select from his works. You can also check online for contemporary works of art.

Make use of an extraordinary shaped bookshelf to show off his book collections. Modern furniture has done a tremendous modification in the designs of bookshelf. Ultra-modern, geometrically designed bookshelves are unique and eye-catching. There are even a few where you can add more shelves.

Have a bar in his living room. You can get a small bar set and place it in one corner. However, there are modern coffee tables that also works as a bar set which is amazing, but true! Check on online furniture stores for varied designs of modern coffee table and bar in one.

With modern coffee table having storage provision, you can also include an espresso machine or a coffee maker to make available for those who do not drink wine.

Opt to have a digital picture frame for his pictures and your photos together. This will do away with the so many picture frames. This can also be a good alternative for a fish tank especially if he does not have the time to feed the fish.

A little overhaul will make wonders in your man’s living room. Since his home is his fortress and the living room is his own field, give it an ageless appeal to make it livelier. Make certain though that you do not show much maleness as it can also be overbearing. Add a touch of concern and kindliness so people will perceive that he is gentle and caring.

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