Safe Furniture Removal Tips for Boxes

Relocating?  You require to do quite a bit of planning for packing  and moving  even with the help of a professional service. You would like to get the best balance between cost and quality of service. Quality of service is not to be compromised; so if you want to cut costs, make the job easier for the removal men.  That way you save on their hourly rate.  The best way to do this is to pack carefully and correctly.  Repacking is a waste of their time and your money.
Large furniture items need to be protected with bubble wrap and soft furnishings with plastic bags or covers wherever possible. Smaller items take up the most time to pack and move. This is where you have to concentrate for effective packing. Choose the boxes carefully to make sure they are sturdy and strong.  The rule of thumb is, the heavier the weight, the smaller the box.  Try and make it possible for one man to be able to lift one box on his own.  With really heavy items, like books, it will help to lay a piece of cardboard inside the box before you pack it, to reinforce it.  Pack books tightly, grouping similar sizes together, and on end rather than flat. Nylon tape around these will make them much stronger and easy to carry.  Wherever possible pack video and sound equipment as well as small appliances in their original boxes with their styrofoam packaging.  This is the safest way to transport them. Otherwise protect with bubble wrap in boxes they fit snugly into.  Mark them ‘fragile’ on a large clear label that can easily be seen.  Special boxes are sometimes available for ornaments, glassware and crockery. But whatever you use, pack each item individually in tissue paper, or newspaper or bubble wrap and stack them together snugly in boxes of manageable size. Put the label ‘fragile’ on  everything that is breakable.  Don’t expect the removal men to rely on commercial packaging that may indicate fragile goods since sometimes people pack books or table cloths into an old box that originally carried china vases.  Hanging clothing is often very effectively packed on their hangers in special large cardboard containers with a hanging rail inside.  These containers you will probably have to arrange for beforehand with the removal company.  Other clothing can simply be packed into boxes and labelled as such, along  with mention of the room each one is destined to go to.
When you have finished boxing everything, pack the boxes into stacks, similar items together, for quick and easy convenience of the people who load.  Check again that everything is clearly labelled:  the content of the box,whether fragile or not, whether other things may be placed on top of it, a number for the inventory, and its destination room in your new house or office.  There may be some items that are better not turned over, so mark these ‘this way up only’.  Just don’t try to transport items that could leak fluids in this category. Fluids and any container that can leak or that contains harmful or flammable substances need special arrangements.  You must discuss this with your removal company beforehand.

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